Watch Nortre Dame Away Games with Pigskin Pub Series

Are you a football fan? Do you want to cheer on your favorite teams, even when they’re playing away games that you can’t get to?

Most football fans want to keep track of their team, whether its for the love of the sport, a fantasy football team, or just as a social activity.

If you want to keep track of Notre Dame during their away games, take part in the Pigskin Pub Series!

The Pigskin Pub Series is one of the amazing events in the South Bend that encompasses many different locations for the same goal. Many of the pubs and bars in South Bend are participating in this great event.

Essentially, different pubs and bars will be airing the away Notre Dame on different dates. This keeps things fun and exciting, as you’ll be able to experience a different bar for each of the games, and enjoy the various pub specials that are offered for this event.

Upcoming dates for the Pigskin Pub Series include:

November 1st – Notre Dame vs. Navy
Held at: Frank’s Place

November 8th: Notre Dame vs. Arizona State
Held at: CJ’s Pub

November 29th: Notre Dame vs. University of Southern California
Held at: Corby’s Irish Pub

Don’t miss out on any of these dates. This is a great opportunity to cheer on your favorite team with other fans while enjoying the atmosphere of various pubs and bars throughout the South Bend.

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