Savor Organic Meals at These Granger Restaurants

A group of friends enjoying an organic meal at one of the most popular Granger restaurants.

A commitment to organic eating can prove a challenge to keep. In fact, sticking to your commitment when eating out can be next to impossible. You’ll need to find a restaurant where you can indulge without compromising your values. In that respect, Granger is ahead of the curve, with lots of options for meeting your […]

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Taste the Hoosier State’s Favorite Whiskey at The Indiana Whiskey Company

Four shots of whiskey lined up on a reflective bar counter inside a whiskey distillery building with barrels in the background. Glasses of whiskey at The Indiana Whiskey Company.

When you’re ready to kick back and relax after a long day, head over to The Indiana Whiskey Company. There, order the Hoosier State’s favorite whiskey and enjoy its delicious flavors. This local South Bend distillery not only produces a quality whiskey but also contributes 3% of all its profits to Indiana veterans support programs. […]

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