Attend The Best Martial Arts Schools In Indiana’s Michiana Region

An instructor teaching a class at one of the best martial arts schools in Indiana's Michiana region.

Are you looking for a fun way to increase your flexibility and stamina levels? If so, consider taking some classes at martial arts schools in Indiana’s Michiana region. The studios here welcome all ages and athletic abilities. If you’re in the area this spring, you’ll want to check out these locations: Star Martial Arts  At Star […]

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Bundle Up for Winter Sports at St. Joseph County Parks

Winter sports keep you active and involved in outdoor activities, even when the weather is cold. If you live in our Granger apartments near St. Joseph County Parks, there are several outdoor sports you should try this winter. Intertubing: For those who don’t have the gear for winter sports and who don’t feel coordinated enough […]

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Lose Weight with PeakFast Fitness Training in Granger

There is still plenty of time to get in shape before swimsuit season approaches! Get out of hibernation mode, and head out of your apartment and into an amazing gym that promises help with all of your fitness and weight loss goals. PeakFast, the perfect spot for fitness in Granger, is located at 51050 Bittersweet Road. If […]

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