Savor Delicious Food at Simonini Gourmet

Pasta and pizza dishes at Simonini Gourmet.

Although Italy is almost 5,000 miles away from Granger, Simonini Gourmet offers tried and true dishes that are certain to satisfy. So, if you’re in the market for authentic Italian cuisine, you won’t want to miss what this restaurant has to offer! The History of Simonini Gourmet In 1908, Joe Simonini opened his first restaurant […]

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Find Stunning Gems At Jewelry Shops Near Main Street Village

Shopping at one of the best jewelry shops near Main Street Village.

Did you know that ancient cultures created¬†jewelry¬†from bones, shells, and colored pebbles? Diamonds didn’t become popular until the 1300s when people learned how to cut them to show their brilliance. Whether you’re searching for diamonds, emeralds, rubies, or other gorgeous gems, be sure to check out the following jewelry shops near Main Street Village: Van […]

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