Get Creative with These Art and Craft Classes in the South Bend Region

A group of students chatting during one of the most interesting art and craft classes in the South Bend region.

Did you know that arts and crafts classes can boost your confidence? If you’d like to work on a fun project, check out these arts and crafts classes in the South Bend region. Elkhart Art League  Established in 1925, the Elkhart Art League originally subsidized travel costs for artists on painting tours. Today, it’s dedicated to helping students develop […]

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Attend The Best Martial Arts Schools In Indiana’s Michiana Region

An instructor teaching a class at one of the best martial arts schools in Indiana's Michiana region.

Are you looking for a fun way to increase your flexibility and stamina levels? If so, consider taking some classes at martial arts schools in Indiana’s Michiana region. The studios here welcome all ages and athletic abilities. If you’re in the area this spring, you’ll want to check out these locations: Star Martial Arts  At Star […]

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