Start Small to Avoid Clutter Overload in the Drive-in Closet

With so many great places nearby to shop in Granger, you may have difficulty letting go of old favorites. Our Granger apartments with drive-in closets offer plenty of storage space, but even that can fill up in time. You can attack the mountain in small chunks to make sure you can access the things you love with ease.

Try these simple tips:

  • Section off the closet and work with one area at a time. Take the contents out of the area and decide what to keep and what should go. Donating to charity may make you feel better about letting go.
  • Have storage containers ready. They will help you keep the items you are going to keep in order. This is especially helpful for seasonal garments as the containers make it easy to switch them out later.
  • Follow the in-and-out rule. This means that you cannot buy another article until you eliminate one. This is a great control method for habitual shoppers and helps prevent hoarding.

De-cluttering helps you stay as in love with your luxury Granger apartment as when you first moved in. Contact us for leasing information.

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