Catch Two Classics On Stage At The South Bend Civic Theatre

Female performer singing on stage at the South Bend Civic Theatre.

It’s time to bid farewell to the dog days of summer and to welcome the chilly breezes of autumn. The cooler days are great for playing football, picking pumpkins, and baking apple pies. Fall is also a wonderful time of year to catch a live event at your local theater. In fact, the South Bend Civic Theatre is a great place to see an incredible play or musical. What’s more, it’s located just a few miles from Main Street Village Apartments.

The Secret Garden (October 12th – 28th)

Watch this beloved literary classic come to life on stage! Set on a desolate English moor, The Secret Garden tells the story of 10-year-old Mary Lennox. Audiences will be captivated as they watch Mary discover ancient secrets in her uncle’s curious old mansion. When she stumbles upon a hidden garden, Mary decides to restore it. While working, she learns valuable information about her family. Frances Hodgson Burnett published her popular story over 100 years ago, but it continues to capture our imaginations today.

As You Like It (November 9th – 18th)

Shakespeare’s beloved comedy As You Like It is an audience favorite. Rosalind and Orlando’s charming love story is filled with colorful characters and comical dilemmas. Follow Rosalind and her cousin Celia through the forest of Arden as they meet new friends and become entangled in messy love triangles. Jacques, one of Shakespeare’s most popular characters, delivers notable speeches as he keenly observes everyone in the forest.

The South Bend Civic Theatre is a wonderful place to experience the enchanting quality of live entertainment. You’ll be mesmerized by gorgeous costumes, dazzling backdrops, and memorable characters. In any case, we also recommend making the most of your night out on the town with dinner at Fiddler’s Hearth or Cafe Navarre, both located near the theater. For more about our enchanting community at Main Street Village, contact us. We’d love to show you around!

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