Prepare A Chilean Dish In Granger

Have you ever dined on pastel de choclo, arrolado de chancho or cazuela de vacuno? What about charquican, bistec a lo pobre, or empanada de queso? They’re all dishes native to South America, Chile in particular. The country sits along the Pacific Ocean coastline and is known for a number of popular dishes you can learn to make inside Main Street Village Apartments.

Main Street Village Apartments may be more than 8,000-kilometers from Chile but there are chefs in the area willing to teach residents more about the country’s culinary scene. They’re often found at places including The Morris Inn. The inn is just 9-miles from our community, tucked away in the City of Notre Dame. Their chefs routinely host cooking classes and there’s one coming up in March entirely devoted to mastering the preparation of Chilean dishes.

The Chilean class is slated to take place during the early afternoon hours of March 4th, from 1 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. It’s a Sunday so most Main Street Village residents won’t have to worry about missing a day of work. Like many of the inn’s other classes, eating is part of the program. As such, we recommend going on an empty stomach. And there’s no need to sharpen one’s knives or check out a book on Chilean spices from the Harris Branch Public Library.

Programs at the inn are generally all-inclusive. As such, one doesn’t have to be a professional chef or an aspiring one to get something out of the Chilean class. People of all skill sets are welcome, only a love of great food is needed.  Interested residents will need to reserve a seat and pay to participate. Also, we should mention that following up on what one learns in the March 2017 class couldn’t be easier.  Surprisingly, shops that sell Chilean spices are all around Main Street Village Apartments. Just look for common seasonings including coriander, sweet or smoked paprika.

To learn more about the inn’s cooking class and other places to experience Chilean foods nearby, please contact Main Street Village Apartments today.

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