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online classes near granger

If you want to learn something new, The University of Notre Dame offers a great selection of free online classes near Granger. Try one and you’ll wow your friends with your new knowledge or skill at your next virtual dinner party. Here are three online courses you can enroll in right from our apartments in Granger.

Math in Sports

This four-week course teaches you the analysis that coaches, players, and fans use to make informed decisions. It covers strategy, training, and execution. You’ll learn how to model movements in sports with mathematical equations. Plus, you’ll learn how to pick the perfect team for Fantasy Football using ranking theory. This introductory course takes only four to six hours a week.

The Meaning of Rome: The Renaissance and Baroque City

This intermediate course is perfect for lovers of history, art, architecture, and all things Roman. Over four weeks, you’ll learn how Rome was built to project a certain image and how cities today do the same. You’ll meet the famous players in Roman history, influencers of architecture, and artists who created monuments that reflected the values of this long-living city.

Understanding Wireless: Technology, Economics, and Policy

Whether you’re a heavy technology user or still have trouble using the camera on your phone, chances are you haven’t thought much about how these devices actually work or their role in society. Students of this class will read, watch videos, and ultimately create a final project that represents what they’ve learned. This course takes six weeks to complete, with approximately five to seven hours of work each week.

There are tons of great opportunities to learn with online classes near Granger. Plus, be sure to check out the digital offerings from your local library.

Our Granger apartments are the perfect place to explore and learn from home. To learn more about all we have to offer, contact us today.

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