Support Nonprofit Organizations in Granger

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It’s always a great feeling to help out local nonprofits that are making great contributions to the community. If you’re looking for nonprofits to support in the area, here are some organizations in Granger that you can help out from the comfort of your home at Main Street Village Apartments.

Racing For Steve-O Foundation

Steve “Steve-O” Smith was one of the best triathletes ever, with 14 USAT National Championship titles. Then, in 2014, the athlete succumbed to a rare brain tumor known as glioblastoma. A year after his passing, Steve’s daughter Sara founded the Racing For Steve-O Foundation. This nonprofit organization has given over $185,000 to fund scholarships and recreational activities in the region. Aside from donating money, you can also start your own fundraiser to help raise money.

Nick Willard Live Again Foundation

The Nick Willard Live Again Foundation was created by Debbie Campiti after her son’s losing battle with drug abuse. With this nonprofit organization, Campiti hopes to raise awareness of drug addiction and prevent another life from being lost. Through donations, the organization hopes to start a scholarship to help people trying to start over again. Aside from donations, you can purchase merch to help out the cause.

United Health Services

Founded in 1966, the United Health Services has been delivering help to multiple health organizations in the area. The nonprofit organization also has its own programs for the community, including CSAD: Deaf Indiana and the Diabetes Resource Center. If you use AmazonSmile, you can donate to the United Health Services of St. Joseph County every time you make a purchase.

After helping these nonprofit organizations in Granger, you might still want to support local businesses. There’s plenty of food and beverage businesses near our Granger apartments that are offering delivery.

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