Look Sharp by Shopping at These Clothing Stores in Granger

Three friends shopping at clothing stores in Granger.

It’s that time of year again. Ever notice that summer is filled with weddings, graduations, and anniversary parties? Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got nothing nice to wear to one of these happy events? We’ve all been there, when nothing in our wardrobe looks exciting or attractive. This summer, reinvent yourself by shopping at these clothing stores in Granger.

You’re sure to find a knock-out outfit, whatever the event. 

Judee’s of Granger

At Judee’s Boutique, you can find formal dresses and jewelry for any occasion. You get to look your absolute best by working with a team of trained associates for wardrobe consultations, personal color evaluation, and style analysis.

Don’t need an outfit quite that fancy? The boutique also offers daily wear, as well. You’ll have over 100 designer brands to choose from.

From dresses and jumpsuits to tops, slacks, and vests, you’ll find what you’re looking for, and they’ll fit the way you want them to. That’s why Judee’s Boutique has been one of the most trusted sources of women’s fashion in Granger since 1986.

Snyder’s Men’s Shop

This family-owned men’s clothing store was first established in 1923 and is still in operation today. Its success hinges on its high-quality, stylish clothing and excellent customer service. Located in City Plaza, you’ll find brands such as St. Croix, Johnnie-O, Stenstroms, Allen Edmonds, and Forsyth. Expect to see all of the needed accessories and shoes as well.

Sharp, good-quality suits, sport coats, and pants are customized to fit you just right. Alterations can be done in the store or in your own home. Need something casual, but attractive? Cotton polo shirts, plaid trousers, and long-sleeve pullovers are some of the choices here.

Snyder’s is a great place to shop for that special date or occasion. You’ll definitely impress with your handsome, classy attire.

Eddie Bauer

This well-known clothing store has been around since 1920 and is sure to have something attractive for everyone. The clothing is innovative and of high quality. It also highlights the founder’s appreciation of the great outdoors.

Denim and khaki slacks/shorts, flannels, polos, and T-shirts are made with durable materials suitable for hiking, rock climbing, bicycling, camping, or jogging activities. The jackets are also waterproof and windproof.

Eddie Bauer usually has good discounts, with up to 50% off for certain items. Additionally, if you’re a nature enthusiast, you can donate a dollar to help plant a tree in an American forest. In 2016, Eddie Bauer partnered with actor Ryan Reynolds to create the One Tree Initiative. Today, over 7 million trees have been planted with the help of Eddie Bauer customers.

All in all, Granger provides great value for all of its residents. If you’re looking to live near these stores, check out Main Street Village. You’ll find modern apartments with leading-edge amenities here. Give us a call or contact us today and we’ll be happy to arrange a personalized tour for you!

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