Fuel Up at Local Coffee Shops in Granger

Whoever said the world runs on money obviously never had a good cup of coffee! Whether you’re looking for a place to relax, or a quick stop before work, the local coffee shops in Granger have the perfect brew for you. Start your search for the perfect cup of coffee at these amazing local coffee shops in Granger.

Victorian Pantry

Featuring over 60 varieties of coffee, there really is something for everyone at the Victorian Pantry.

However, don’t limit yourself to sampling all of their delicious coffees; treat yourself to some of their gourmet food. From their delectable Focaccia bread to homemade cookies and their signature chocolate ganache, the Victorian Pantry takes great pride in its menu.

After all, they were founded in 1995 as a place “for foodies, by foodies.”

Simply Juice

For those who enjoy the social aspects of a good coffee shop, but aren’t crazy about the caffeine high, Granger offers Simply Juice. Stop by and try some 100% organic fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, and snacks.

Of course, they also offer several varieties of fresh exotic coffee. Grab an organic mason jar salad or smoothie bowl for lunch, and get your next juice cleanse started today!

The Cafe and Bookstore

Curl up with a cozy novel and a hot latte at The Cafe and Bookstore. Whether you’re ready to escape reality on your own for a few hours, or looking for a comfortable place for your next business meeting, The Cafe and Bookstore invite you to indulge in their front-of-house brews, lunches, and baked goods.

The courteous staff creates an environment where everyone feels welcomed, whether you want a place to chat with friends or spend some time alone.


These are just a few of the fabulous local coffee shops in Granger, and Main Street Village is just minutes away. If you’re new to Granger, contact us to schedule a viewing today!

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