How to Keep Your Pet Off the Furniture in Your Granger Apartment

Our pet-friendly apartments in Granger have ample room for your furry friends to play and exercise outside, but there’s still the problem of keeping them off of the furniture. To succeed in training your pet to stay off of your furniture, teach your pet a firm “Off” command.

  • Your “Off” command must be separate from other commands, like “Down.” During the training, teach the animal that “Off” refers specifically to furniture.
  • Be sure to use positive reinforcement to get your training commands to stick.
  • Invest in a training collar for the most control over your dog.
  • With a partner, encourage your dog to jump. One person, the handler, needs to hold the leash. When the dog jumps, the handler must pop the leash and issue the “Off” command.
  • Properly timed, the “Off” command should come before your dog’s paws touch the caller.
  • Avoid pulling the leash. If your dog responds appropriately, the handler should give him praise.

Training your dog to follow a new command might take several days or weeks, so take things slowly.

Pet owners find our luxury apartments in Granger a great place to live and play with their pets. Contact us to learn more about our pet policy.

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