Go Horseback Riding Near Main Street Village Apartments

Willowbrook Equestrian Center is a full-service riding and boarding facility just fifteen minutes from Main Street Village Apartments. This equestrian facility is perfect for both experienced and novice riders. They offer a variety of services, including riding lessons, horse training, and boarding. Owners Roger and Karen Lovitt dedicate themselves to providing the best experience possible for riders and their horses.

Riding Lessons

Willowbrook offers lessons in English, Western, and Dressage. Students of all experience levels are welcome. The staff offers both private and semi-private lessons. If you are new to riding, don’t be shy! The teachers, Becca and Terry, emphasize safety, form, and fun.

Horse Training

Riders who own their own horses may be interested in Willowbrook’s training services. Established in 1995, Willowbrook has been in operation for quite some time. Becca Jozwiak has trained horses at several facilities in the area, and Terry Stutz has trained horses at the national level. Contact them for help with your new mount.


The full-service boarding offered at Willowbrook means that you can enjoy city life while knowing that your trusty steed is well cared for by experienced staff. The friendly folks there are more than happy to give visitors a tour of their facilities. Willowbrook offers two types of boarding- indoors with heated stalls or outdoor runs. Amenities include daily turnout, premium feed, and private tack lockers, just to name a few. With 24-hour on-site care, you can rest assured that your horse will be happy and healthy.

Apartment living doesn’t mean that you have to give up riding! Contact us today to learn more about Main Street Village Apartments and the surrounding area.

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