Get Fit at Martial Arts Classes in Michiana

martial arts class

Are you looking for a fun way to stay in shape? If so, you’ll want to sign up for martial arts classes in Michiana. For those who want to take their fitness game to the next level, these classes offer full-body workouts that increase strength and improve flexibility. When you’re ready to learn new moves, head to these martial arts studios near Main Street Village.

Star Martial Arts 

Owned by the husband and wife team of Seth and Melanie Birky, Star Martial Arts empowers students to form healthier lifestyle habits. The studio provides an alternative to the typical gym routine. It also offers real-life strategies in a fun, focused environment.

Best of all, the studio welcomes everyone from first-timers to seasoned athletes who participate in national competitions. So, you’ll find that students in the adult program range from teenagers to those over 80 years old. The studio is also certified through the American Taekwondo Association (ATA), the country’s largest martial arts organization.

Legacy Martial Arts 

Jacob Adams began practicing martial arts as a child. Today, he proudly owns Legacy and teaches leadership skills through martial arts. The classes blend traditional and modern techniques and are challenging yet fun. Since 2008, dozens of students have earned black belts. If you’d like to sign up for classes, several options are available to you. You can also sign up for krav maga classes here.

Suibukan of Indiana

Founded over 50 years ago, Suibukan of Indiana is a third-generation school. The instructors boast 15 plus years of experience, and they teach karate in its traditional form. The teachers specifically focus on the Shorin-ryu, one of the oldest of the karate disciplines. It’s suitable for all athletic abilities, and adults can enjoy a workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. 

All in all, these martial arts classes in Michiana provide plenty of value for everyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. If you’d like to live near these studios, consider a move to Granger. And, for more activities near our community, check out our blog.

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