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Indiana’s gaming scene is alive and thriving. Card gamers, board gamers, and role-players here love to get together, share their passions, and have fun. Over the past year, many more people have adopted virtual gaming as a hobby, driving up demands for games. Fortunately for residents of our Granger apartments, there is no shortage of local stores selling the best games. Here are some of the best Granger game stores nearby the Main Street Village Apartments

Griffon Bookstore

Griffon Bookstore has been serving the Granger area for 35 years. While they of course sell books, their real specialty is gaming. As one of the first game stores in the region, Griffon pioneered the local gaming scene. Here, you’ll definitely find new games from popular game publishers like Paizo and Upper Deck. Don’t miss out on hidden gems, though, in their used game, war game, card, dice, and miniature sections. Get everything you want with a curbside pickup.

Fantasy Games

Since 1995, Fantasy Games has been a welcome addition to the local gaming scene. Fantasy makes sure to cater to your latest gaming desires with frequent updates on new arrivals and preorder services. In addition to board games, they also boast a huge card game selection. Fans of more niche series like Force of Will and Warhammer will be happy with these services. Plus, you can shop for rare toys as well as models and paints here. Anything you want here you can get delivered right to your doorstep.

Rivals Gaming

Rivals Gaming has become one of the premier gaming locations in the area in recent years. They frequently hold card game tournaments which have brought together a loyal community. These have been the perfect showcase for their stock of cards, which include franchises like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Digimon. Stay up-to-date with their newest arrivals on their Facebook page so you know exactly when to put in an order for in-store pickup. 

With products from these game stores in Granger, you’ll be having fun with friends online in no time. For times when you want something a little more relaxing, check in to one of these virtual book clubs. For more local suggestions and lifestyle tips, visit our blog. If you’d like to join the community at our apartments in Granger, please contact us to schedule a virtual tour. 

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