Enjoy Delicious Takeout From Indian Restaurants in Granger

Indian food in Granger; takeout from Indian restaurants in Granger.

Indian cuisine boasts unique flavors, with delectable combinations of mouthwatering appetizers and tasty main entrees. You can order your food with mild or spicy flavorings, depending on your heat tolerance level. Indian food also features vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan options. For a great dining experience at home, order takeout from these highly-rated Indian restaurants in Granger. Best of all, you can enjoy your meal in comfort in your Granger apartment in Indiana. 

The India Garden Restaurant 

Undoubtedly, the extensive menu at this restaurant is sure to tempt your palate. If you’d like to explore different flavors, two or three types of appetizers may suffice. All the appetizers come with cooling mint and tamarind chutneys.

An order of chicken curry, paneer pakoras (fritters), and fish stew should be accompanied with a side order of refreshing sweet lassi. If you prefer warm beverages, end your meal with an order of spiced milk tea with cardamom. 

It’s fascinating to see how a simple chicken dish can be made with slight variations in spices. The permutations and combinations can be endless, allowing you to enjoy a simple dish in infinite ways. Similarly, the unique flavor of these dishes differ depending on each chef’s cooking style. 

Maple Indian Cuisine 

This restaurant specializes in North Indian cuisine which features an authentic and unique blend of herbs and spices. To dine at home, make a takeout or delivery order. 

You can also follow the restaurant on Facebook to check out its new food truck venture. Be bold and try all the chicken dishes, including chicken tandoori, chicken harayali, and chicken tikka to appreciate the subtleties of flavors and spice blends. For example, chicken harayali is cooked in green herbs like coriander and mint along with ginger and garlic for a unique North Indian flavor. Presently, the menu offers many delicious varieties of this chicken dish. 

All in all, these Indian restaurants in Granger offer plenty of great food for everyone.

After you dine, curl up on the sofa to enjoy an exciting story on the device of your choice. And, if you’re looking for an apartment, consider making Main Street Village your new home. For more information about our apartment community, please contact us. We can schedule a virtual tour so you can see our premium living spaces and amenities.

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