Educational Fun at The Midwest RepRap Festival

Diversity startup business team working together by 3D printer. Looking at printed objects and discussing. Selective focus to 3D printer printing an object with creative team in background.

A little more than a half hour from Granger, a groundbreaking expo is celebrating its fifth year. The Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) may sound like a concert or business event, but this gathering is the largest celebration of 3D printing in the country. 3D printing is a revolutionary technology for hobbyists and artists, and MRRF offers a great place to learn about it.


About 3D Printing

While conventional printers create letters, documents, and posters, 3D printers aren’t limited to marking flat sheets of paper. Instead, 3D printers print three-dimensional objects at the touch of a button. With the help of high-tech computer software and thorough planning, users can print balls, sculptures, and any other imaginable creation.


What to Expect at the Midwest RepRap Festival

The Midwest RepRap Festival is in its fifth year and will be held in the small town of Goshen. There, a friendly group of attendees and presenters will enjoy three days of technology, crafts, and entertainment. Creators will showcase “printed” items from guitars to grandfather clocks and more.

Additionally, technology corporations will be on hand to introduce the latest advancements, and experts will deliver lectures to share their knowledge. While 3D printers are still relatively new and expensive, MRRF is the perfect place to glimpse the future and explore this technology.

MRRF will begin Friday, March 23rd and run until Sunday, March 25th at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds. Register online for tickets and more information.


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