Enjoy A Dinner Detective Mystery in South Bend

Dinner Detective Mystery in South Bend.

Depending on the traffic, it may take 20 minutes to drive from South Bend to Granger. However, the effort may be worth your time when the right entertainment is in town. This winter, enjoy a Dinner Detective mystery in South Bend: It’s like going to a conventional dinner theater, except that you become part of the action. If this sounds interesting, read on to find out more.

Should You Attend a Dinner Detective Mystery in South Bend?

Basically, The Dinner Detective is an interactive murder mystery that’s as fun as it is fully immersive. The actors who play out the story during your four-course dinner are planted at random tables in the dining area.

And, here’s the exciting part: You’d never guess who they are as they are all dressed just like you. There have been similar theatrical productions in the past, but many adopted specific themes, like the Wild West, for instance. The Dinner Detective, however, utilizes actors who dress and act as audience members.

The Story Behind South Bend’s Dinner Mystery Theaters

Ultimately, you won’t find costumed actors at this dinner detective theater. Instead, each event will be set in the present-day, and the story will be guided by actors in plainclothes. Best of all, the story will take different twists and turns each time. This means that each dinner theater will be a completely unique experience.

Someone will “die” at the beginning of your delicious four-course meal. The goal is to work together with your seatmates to unmask the “murderer.” You can even be a part of the story if you request it.

If you’re celebrating a special event in your life, consider purchasing a “Prime Suspect” package, which allows you to serve as a red herring to trick audience members into believing you’re part of the mystery. At the end of the evening, whoever comes closest to guessing the identity of the actual “killer” will be awarded a prize package of goodies.

When and Where to Attend a Dinner Murder Mystery in South Bend

DoubleTree by Hilton hosts special dinner detective events on specific Saturday nights in downtown South Bend. Best of all, the Hilton is located only about 15 minutes from our apartment community. To reserve your tickets, visit The Dinner Detective website link above.

The Dinner Detective in South Bend is an excellent, one-of-a-kind experience that you don’t want to miss. If you’re looking for an exciting activity this holiday season, Saturday nights at the Hilton is the place to be.

Has the Dinner Detective mystery in South Bend piqued your curiosity? Imagine hanging up your sleuthing hat at our comfortable Main Street Village apartments after a rousing murder mystery dinner. Poirot never had it so good! For more information about life in the South Bend-Granger region or to schedule a tour of our luxurious living spaces, contact us today.

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