Dance to Great Music at the 2019 Bloodline Fest

Audience members dancing at the 2019 Bloodline Fest.

Do you enjoy October as much as we do? After all, the month is perfect for apple picking, pie baking, and beer brewing. It’s also the perfect month for celebrating all that’s good about life. That said, what better way to head into winter than to dance to great music at the 2019 Bloodline Fest?

2019 Bloodline Fest (October 25th – 26th)

If you love good music and appreciate a fresh brew, stop by The Well Coffeehouse on Mishawaka Avenue on the above dates.

The 2019 Bloodline Fest is a two-day music festival featuring the best band line-up this side of Indiana. With over 30 acts to get you up and dancing, there’s no doubt you’ll find some new sounds to move to.

Admission is free but a $10 donation is encouraged for this year’s Bloodline Fest. So, be sure to stop in for a good time! 

Who’s Playing at the Bloodline Fest?

Here’s a short list of some the bands you’ll find at this popular music festival:

  • Christian Welch
  • American Arson
  • Crafter
  • Flatfoot 56
  • The Flying Deselms
  • Gaffer Project
  • Sam Arias
  • Sea Talk

The Bloodline Fest is unique because it’s primarily a celebration of community. This means that every band on stage is valued for its distinctive brand of music. If you’d like to hear a diverse selection of rock, metal, and punk sounds, this is the music festival for you.

The Well Coffeehouse

The event will be held at The Well. If you haven’t been to this coffeehouse before, it’s time to head over to see what you’ve been missing. At its heart, The Well is all about coffee, community, and culture (in no particular order). It hosts a variety of live performances, open mic nights, and improv nights throughout the year.

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