Order Cupcakes in Granger

colorful cupcakes on a plate

There is nothing like a light and fluffy cake to brighten any day. However, there are times when a whole cake is just too much. That’s where cupcakes come in to save the day. Cupcakes offer the perfect pint-sized bite and just the thought of them can bring on a smile. Now it’s even easier to enjoy these tiny packages of flavor thanks to these local bakeries. Best of all, these bakeries are close to our Granger apartments at Main Street Village and offer easy curbside pickup. 

Macri’s Bakery

Macri’s Bakery creates fabulous baked goods that make every customer’s mouth water. Their menu includes everything from cakes to cheesecakes to their famous cupcakes. Their cupcakes are done seasonally so every cupcake you order is unique, fun, and of course, absolutely delicious. Now you can have your favorite cupcakes ready and waiting for you as soon as you arrive. 

C’est La Vie Bakery

C’est La Vie Bakery is the quintessential, delightful French bakery. While their confections are only available for next day pick up-they are more than worth the wait. They use only the finest ingredients to create light and fluffy cupcakes that are full of flavor. It only takes one call or a quick click to order these perfectly delectable desserts and have them fresh and ready for you for pick-up. 

Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gigi’s Cupcakes is a great bakery, devoted to baking the perfect cupcakes every day. They have a multitude of flavor options that range from traditional (such as vanilla and chocolate) to more unique, like Banana Caramel Crunch. Their cupcakes are always smile-invoking and are sure to make your day sweeter.

Cupcakes are the perfect size for when you just need a little something sweet to brighten your day. After you pick up some cupcakes, settle into your favorite spot in your luxury Granger apartment, and virtually explore art museums. 

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