Celebrate Diverse Music at These Michiana Concerts

Live fall concerts in Michiana.

Are you a music aficionado? If so, you may enjoy these fall concerts in Michiana. With the list including a harpsichord concert, chorale performance, and jazz open session, you won’t be lacking for entertainment options in the month of November. Additionally, these events will be held no more than 15 minutes away from Main Street […]

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Dance to Great Music at the 2019 Bloodline Fest

Audience members dancing at the 2019 Bloodline Fest.

Do you enjoy October as much as we do? After all, the month is perfect for apple picking, pie baking, and beer brewing. It’s also the perfect month for celebrating all that’s good about life. That said, what better way to head into winter than to dance to great music at the 2019 Bloodline Fest? […]

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Experience Culture at the Whiskey & Wildflowers Farmhouse Living Fair

Glass of whiskey and flower at the Whiskey & Wildflowers Farmhouse Living Fair.

Traditionally, October is a time for scary movies, Halloween parties, and candy binges. However, this year, you can put the spookiness aside for a weekend and experience some old-fashioned country vibes at the Whiskey & Wildflowers Farmhouse Living Fair, the largest farmhouse fair in the Midwest. The Whiskey & Wildflowers Farmhouse Living Fair (October 11th […]

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