Order Breakfast in Granger

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There is nothing like a luxurious breakfast to start your day off right. Your favorite breakfast gives you energy for the day and puts you in the perfect place to embark on your day with enthusiasm. Now, these breakfast spots in Granger are making it easier than ever to enjoy from the comfort of home with their excellent curbside service. Even better, these great restaurants are all close to our fabulous Granger apartments. That means you could be savoring a delicious breakfast in your luxury apartment in no time at all. 

Uptown Kitchen

Uptown Kitchen is devoted to creating dream breakfasts for every customer that comes in the door. They make everything from scratch with fresh, quality ingredients ensuring every plate is packed with flavor. Uptown Kitchen specializes in breakfasts that range from the traditional eggs and bacon to fun creations like the Mac & Cheese Breakfast Bowl. They also offer great curbside service so your breakfast can be ready and waiting for you the moment you drive up. 

Copper Creek Café

Copper Creek Cafe works hard to be the go-to place in Granger for pancakes and other breakfast delights. Every day, Copper Creek Cafe has breakfast specials made to order with fresh ingredients. Some of their offerings include Pancake Sandwiches, Veggie Skillets, and Scrambled Egg Quesadillas. In addition, Copper Creek Cafe makes picking up your favorite breakfast as easy as can be with effortless curbside service. You can be home and hunkered down with your ideal breakfast before you know it. 

Nick’s Patio

Nick’s Patio is dedicated to bringing the best food to its customers all day and all night. They offer breakfast 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They take pride in offering fresh, delicious food from the most basic eggs and bacon to the elegance of Eggs Benedict. Along with their set menu, Nick’s Patio also has daily specials homemade by their chef. Moreover, Nick’s Patio has fantastic curbside service.

It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now you can enjoy a great breakfast, a little yoga, and start your day off right from the luxury of one of our Granger apartments. For more information contact us today. 

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