Explore These Art Museums from Home

art museums near Granger

Museums offer us the opportunity to learn new things, open our minds, and gather new perspectives on what we encounter. Art museums are particularly well-known for giving patrons the chance to open their world to new and wondrous things. Now, you can explore and enjoy art museums from around the world from the comfort of your own home. These three art museums offering virtual interaction are not only fascinating, but are also near our apartments in Granger.

Midwest Museum of American Art

The Midwest Museum of American Art provides people with the opportunity to engage with art and allow it to change your world. They have a plethora of exhibits that cover a multitude of topics, ensuring something fascinating for everyone. In addition, the Midwest Museum of American Art has virtual tours and online engagement events so you can interact with its exhibits from the comfort of your own home. 

South Bend Museum of Art

The South Bend Museum of Art devotes itself to presenting a wide variety of exhibits, from historical to contemporary art, for people everywhere to experience. They offer a spectrum of virtual opportunities to engage with the museum, including past, present, and future exhibits. Plus, they teach art in their top of the line studios. Their art is geared toward creating and reflecting the community and world around us. 

Snite Museum of Art

Snite Museum of Art is a museum steeped in a rich and vibrant history. People from preachers to professors donated works of art to help build the foundation and create the springboard for the museum as it is today. The Snite Museum of Art offers many opportunities to engage with the museum and its exhibits, including past and future exhibits, through virtual tours and interactive opportunities.

Art museums can expose you to new and fascinating things, right from our Granger apartments. Enjoy the art with a glass of wine delivered from a local shop.

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