Adopt a Dog for Your Pet-Friendly Apartment in Granger

Sometimes nothing can erase the stress and frustration of a long day at work like coming home to a furry face that is so delighted to see you that he is literally shaking with joy.

Our pet-friendly apartments in Granger are the perfect place for you to have a loyal companion waiting patiently for you to return home each day, so why not save a life and adopt a dog today?

Pound puppies make some of the best animal companions because it’s almost as if they sense that you have given them a new lease on life. Too many shelter dogs are losing out on a lifetime of love each and every day because people are buying pets from pet stores, so don’t purchase your new pet; adopt!

You can adopt a dog locally when you visit the South Bend Animal Control department, or you can also check out the pets just waiting for a new family at the Elkhart Humane Society and Pet Refuge.

If you adopted a shelter pet, tell your neighbors about it with a post on our Facebook page. For more information about the many amenities and features available at our luxury apartment community, contact us today.

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