3 Delightful Michiana Coffee Spots to Visit

Friends at one of the most popular Michiana coffee spots known to locals.

If coffee is your favorite pick-me-up drink, you aren’t alone. In Granger, good coffee is a prized elixir. So, if you’re in the area or visiting a friend at Main Street Village this summer, we recommend heading over to these amazing Michiana coffee spots for some great brews!

Biggby Coffee

The term “happy place” best describes Biggby Coffee.

Enter for a cup of coffee, and you’ll immediately feel welcome. The staff shows genuine appreciation for customers by offering excellent customer service and superior brews.

The interior is also spacious, and the walls full of bright colors and artwork. It’s certainly a haven for many. If you look carefully at one of the wall sections, you’ll see the welcoming phrase, “B yourself.” Biggby Coffee also offers delicious lattes, smoothies, bagel sandwiches, and muffins.

Chicory Cafe

You’ll find Chicory Cafe at the corner of Michigan and Jefferson. This popular coffee shop boasts a spacious interior. In particular, you’ll love its welcoming atmosphere. If you’re looking for spectacular live performances, you’ll be happy to know that the sound system here is out of this world.

Looking for a cafe that offers more than coffee? If so, look no further than Chicory Cafe. You’ll get to enjoy live trivia events, open mic nights, DJ dance parties, karaoke evenings, science shows, and poetry readings here. Chicory Cafe is an amazing venue offering good coffee, great entertainment, and delicious food selections for both vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The Local Cup

The Local Cup is a unique coffee shop you won’t encounter anywhere else. This popular cafe is run by volunteers with a pay-it-forward model. Basically, it’s a friendly location where a cup of coffee is paid for by another patron. In return, you can choose to pay for someone else’s cup of coffee.

All things considered, gratitude and generosity abound at The Local Cup. The cafe also supports local producers by featuring products from Zen coffee, Bendix coffee, Scherf’s Farm Milk, and Cyn’s Fruitful Muffins.

These Michiana coffee spots offer great value for coffee connoisseurs.

Want to live near these shops? If so, contact us. We’d be happy to show you around our gorgeously landscaped grounds!

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