Summer Restaurant Week In South Bend

Barbecue At Summer Restaurant Week

Here’s your chance to experience a variety of local cuisine while contributing to a great cause. Yes, we’re referring to South Bend’s Summer Restaurant Week! This family-friendly event is an opportunity for foodies to sample the best of South Bend cuisine. But that’s not all. Event organizers will be setting aside 10% of the proceeds for Beacon […]

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South Bend Beer Walk: What to Expect

A group of friends drinking beers and having a good time at an outdoor event like the South Bend Beer Walk

Looking for food, fun, drinks, and a reason to explore downtown South Bend? Then, check out the South Bend Beer Walk on October 11th! Hosted by several of the city’s best restaurants, the self-guided stroll features beer and food tastings at each location. Free carriage rides and shuttle service will also be available, making the […]

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Try Rocco’s South Bend Restaurant for Pizza After the Game

Calling all pizza fans! If you don’t want takeout this evening and are looking for a more sophisticated yet homey night-out, consider coming to Rocco’s Restaurant. Located in South Bend, Rocco’s provides its valued customers with the best quality in delicious pizzas and mouthwatering pastas. Since 1951, people have been streaming in from all corners of the […]

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