Granger’s Best Asian Cuisine

happy young women at a restaurant eating asian cuisine and smiling

Asian cuisine offers a delectable range of flavors, textures and smells to please any culinary explorer. In Granger, you will find the unique flavors of Thailand, China, and Japan. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a short list of great Asian options for lunch or dinner. Bowl of Pho Only a 7-minute drive from your […]

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Try This Popular Restaurant In South Bend For Artisan Bread

artisan bread in Granger

There’s plenty to do near Granger, but just a few miles away, there is a restaurant in South Bend that is well worth the trip. Breadsmith is a bakery that believes in the old-world, European art of crafting artisan bread.  With more than 300 unique recipes for hearth-baked bread, sweet confections, and pastries, Breadsmith has been recognized […]

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Head To Longhorn Steakhouse For Dinner

Are you craving a thick, juicy steak? Well, you’re in luck! Longhorn Steakhouse just opened a new location less than 10 minutes from Main Street Village Apartments. Longhorn Steakhouse was founded in Atlanta in 1981 and they’ve been bringing great steaks to the country ever since. They love using bold flavors to bring out the […]

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