Heat Up Your Summer with Snoop Dogg in South Bend, Indiana

A crowd enjoying a performance by Snoop Dogg in South Bend.

How Snoop Dogg Got His Name Have you ever been asked how you got your name?¬†Snoop Dogg, the famous rapper, has been asked the question more times than he cares to remember. Accordingly, he earned his nickname when his mother started calling him Snoopy, after the lovable character from the Peanuts cartoon. If you’re a […]

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Enjoy an Entertaining Evening at These Escape Rooms in Michiana

Pressing the green button at one of the most exciting escape rooms in Michiana.

If you like solving puzzles, you may be in for an entertaining evening. Round up a few friends and head to these escape rooms in Michiana. You’ll have 60 minutes to work together to uncover code combinations and lock configurations. When you escape, you’ll experience exhilarating feelings of joy and accomplishment. Locked Up Locked Up […]

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3 Upcoming Theatrical Performances To Enjoy At The Morris Performing Arts Center

Audience enjoying a singing performance on stage at the theater

Many people suffer the effects of cabin fever in the winter, a common condition in populations further north of the equator. If you’ve been feeling lethargic and restless, we understand. Perhaps, it’s time to check out some exciting live performances at the Morris Performing Arts Center. Below, we list 3 productions that will surely get […]

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