Enjoy Great Skating At 3 Popular Ice Rinks In Indiana

Having fun at one of the most popular ice rinks in Indiana.

Did you know that ice skating originated about five thousand years ago? In fact, the Finnish used the first ice skates to navigate frozen lakes. Today, many people skate for recreational purposes. If you’d like to enjoy this fun wintertime activity, check out these popular ice rinks in Indiana. The Compton Family Ice Arena The Compton Family Ice Arena opened […]

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Enjoy December Performances At The Lerner Theatre

woman bowing to crowd after December performances at the Lerner Theatre

The holiday season is here, and excitement is in the air! One way to celebrate is by enjoying spell-binding performances at the Lerner Theatre. Illinois’ most talented performers will treat you to a breathtaking experience, and you’ll be amazed by the collective energy they generate. So, mark your calendars and make time for December performances […]

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Enjoy Premier Farm-To-Table Dining Near Main Street Village

A chef who specializes in farm-to-table dining near Main Street Village.

The farm-to-table culture is all about preserving our distinctive food heritage. Want to know why it’s so popular? Here’s the answer: quality and freshness. Farm-to-table cooking is resplendent with luscious, authentic flavors. Additionally, food retains its nutritional integrity when local produce is used. So, if you’re looking for great food, we’ve got you covered. You […]

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