Fun & Games: Things To Do Around Granger

A woman and a girl are standing with golf clubs in their hands and looking at a man in a white suit who is preparing to hit the golf club with the ball.

Are you looking for some fun and games to pass the time this weekend? It turns out, Granger, Indiana has plenty to offer fun-seekers of all ages. And if you’re a resident at Main Street Village Apartments, you have access to all the best things to do around Granger. Don’t believe us? Take a look!


Fun Things to Do Around Granger


Endeavor Escape Rooms

Endeavor Escape Rooms is the perfect place for anyone who loves critical thinking and puzzle solving. Here, you’ll test your brain, find clues, and work with others to escape. Your group of six is given sixty minutes to figure out how to escape, or it’s game over. It’s a fun mix of confusing word and number problems as well as some physical locks that require teamwork. Book your adventure today!


RC Fun Park

If you love racing and spending time with friends, the RC Fun Park is the place for you! Along with its racetrack, this fun park also includes indoor model aircraft and remote control boating. This is the perfect outdoor gaming area for anyone who is a lover of remote control racing. This park is open to all ages and has a wide variety of entertainment.


Juday Creek Golf Course

The Juday Creek Golf Course is a family-friendly golfing experience that offers tons of fun. This eighteen-hole championship golf course is just minutes from The University of Notre Dame. Known as “The Creek,” this course is open to the public every single day. The Juday course features bent grass tees, greens, fairways, fifty-six bunkers, and thirteen holes with water, as well as five sets of tees to make the course interesting for every level of golfer.


These are just a few of the fun things to do around Granger. We are also close to wonderful shopping, dining, and entertainment. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about life at Main Street Village Apartments.

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