Enjoy December Performances At The Lerner Theatre

woman bowing to crowd after December performances at the Lerner Theatre

The holiday season is here, and excitement is in the air! One way to celebrate is by enjoying spell-binding performances at the Lerner Theatre. Illinois’ most talented performers will treat you to a breathtaking experience, and you’ll be amazed by the collective energy they generate. So, mark your calendars and make time for December performances […]

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Admire Fashionable Exhibits At The History Museum In South Bend, Indiana

Gorgeous period costumes at the History Museum in South Bend, Indiana.

If you love history, enjoy immersive experiences, and adore beautiful clothing, you’ll love the fashionable exhibits at the History Museum in South Bend, Indiana. At present, the museum has two amazing displays that will leave fashion connoisseurs in a swoon. So, if you’re ready for a unique walk through time, take a peek at what the museum has to […]

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Enjoy Popular Stage Performances This Holiday Season

Actors and actresses at one of the most popular stage performances in Granger, Indiana.

Do you enjoy musicals, plays, or live performances? Perhaps, you appreciate the way the actors connect with the audience. Alternatively, you may delight in the tools that make a stage show an immersive experience, such as the lighting and props. Whatever your preferences, a live performance can be great fun. If you’re looking for the […]

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