Stop By A Chili Cook-Off In Granger


Hear that? It’s a collective rumbling of stomachs. People all around Main Street Village apartments are feeling the urge and gathering their oversized spoons because it’s almost time for the Annual Notre Dame Chili Cook-Off. The Notre Dame Chili Cook-Off takes place just 15 minutes away from Main Street Village Apartments. So, we expect many to […]

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Pick Up Your Running Gear At Fleet Feet Sports


The weather may be growing colder, but if you have the right gear, there’s no reason you can’t keep running outside. Fleet Feet Sports, a well-stocked running store, has the shoes, tights, running jackets, and gloves you need to stay safe and warm during your winter training sessions. Fleet Feet has been a leader in […]

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Sign Up For A Cooking Class In Granger


Are you ready to spice things up in the kitchen but want to work on your cooking skills a bit more? Well, Martin’s Supermarkets throughout Indiana and near Main Street Village Apartments are not only a great store for groceries, they also offer cooking classes. Every week, you can learn from chefs from local restaurants, culinary […]

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